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A blog about cats and life.

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Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce Is So Ugly, God Got Involved - Gawker

Bill O'Reilly wants his ex-wife to go to Hell. Literally.

The One-Legged Wrestler Who Conquered His Sport, Then Left It Behind - Deadspin

In 2011, Anthony Robles won the NCAA individual wrestling championships on just one leg. Did he succeed in spite of his one-leggedness, or because of it?


The Egregious, Awful and Downright Wrong Reactions to the Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict - Jezebel

Anyone who thought we might trudge through another high-profile sexual assault case involving student athletes without suffering through a barrage of victim blaming from ignorant rape apologists or conservative conspiracy theorists is clearly a delusional optimist.


Your Complete Guide To The SimCity Disaster - Kotaku

Misinformation. Server errors. Fan backlash. Since EA launched SimCity two weeks ago, the online city-builder has been nothing short of a catastrophe for everyone involved.

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