From the final days of LucasArts to a glimpse inside the mind of frat bros, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

The Last Months Of LucasArts (And A Glimpse Of Battlefront III) - Kotaku

In the months leading to Disney shutting down LucasArts, the developers were kept confused and in the dark while murmurs spread of their closure. Early footage of one of their canceled games, Star Wars: Battlefront III, was shared with Kotaku.

Frat Bro Writes Best-Ever Guide for Talking to Jewish Girls - Jezebel

Sometimes the internet giveths, and sometimes it giveths SO MUCH THANK YOU KIND AND GENEROUS INTERNET. Today the internet unbuttoned her blouse, and shook out the most amazing letter from a frat bro about how to communicate with those wily and mysterious creatures known as "Jewish women".

What Is Bitcoin? - Gizmodo

Maybe you've heard of Bitcoin—it wants to shake the entire global economy, and has become the financial bubble du jour with a skyrocketing value. It's online money—an alternative to dollars and euros. Well what's that mean? It's complicated, but we break it down.


Heat Map: Did The Final Four Pay Off For Atlanta? - Deadspin

Do stadiums really generate revenue for cities? It's a complicated question, but the short answer is: 1) Yeah, some, but 2) Not nearly enough to offset the enormous public costs of these developments.