From an ode to the people who watch marathons to a first hand account of the explosion, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

The People Who Watch Marathons - Jezebel

Running can be a lonely sport — hours on the road solo at times so early people can still be seen stumbling out of bars and hailing cabs home, declined invitations to evening activities, neglected significant others, and truly disgusting feet. But on race day, all of that disappears when, as the marathon runner embarks along a path lined with people — all kinds of people, they're bathed in the encouragement of thousands of people who cheer for them without knowing their names.

I Watched The Marathon Bombing From Above. These Are My Photos - Deadspin

A first person account from a Deadspin reader, "Today I was told that they found ball bearings throughout the office I was standing in, and that there are holes in the windows. I can't process that experience. I'm trying."

Here Is Video of a Pressure-Cooker Bomb Exploding, and Here Is Who Knows How to Build Them - Gawker


An unnamed FBI official has told CBS News that at least one of the explosive devices detonated in Boston yesterday appears to have been improvised from a conventional pressure-cooker. Unnamed law enforcement officials don't exactly have the strongest record of credibility in the immediate aftermath of events like these, but federal authorities are well-acquainted with this type of IED.

Woman Buys Old Nintendo Game For $7.99. Turns Out It's Worth $15,000. - Kotaku

It's the archetypal jackpot story of flea markets, pawn shops and antiques roadshows. Someone pays a few dollars for a long-forgotten box at a swap meet and then discovers they have a five-figure rarity on their hands. That describes a North Carolina woman today, who purchased one of the rarest video games ever sold in the United States for $7.99 at a local Goodwill.