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Trending in Gawker Media // 4.19.13

From the Boston Marathon bombing suspect's Twitter account to a homeless-themed sorority party, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

‘Stay Safe People’: Here Is The Fugitive Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Twitter Account - Gawker


A cached profile photo that matches his picture, and tweets from other users he's interacted with suggest that this is the twitter account of 19-year-old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the fugitive suspect #2 in the Boston Marathon bombings: @J_tsar. The account is listed under the name "Jahar," which is what classmates called him because his full name was hard to pronounce.

The world that only formerly-blind people can see - io9

They once were blind but now they see. Which begs the question — what exactly do people see when they gain sight for the first time? Often, it's terrifying.


Here's A Video Of Dzhokhar Tsaranev Wrestling With His Friends - Deadspin

This was just put on YouTube by one of Dzhokhar's former wrestling teammates. The description reads, "Rindge and Latin wrestling team, taking it easy over the summer. I remember Jahar, he was my friend and my teammate."

Indiana Sorority Girls Attend Totally Cute Homeless-Themed Party - Jezebel

A bunch of classy sorority girls from Indiana University's Kappa Delta chapter carefully smudged dirt on their faces and fake-begged for food, money and prayers during a homeless-themed party this week.

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