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Trending in Gawker Media // 4.23.13

From the perfect college essay to the 2013 summer movie preview, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

This Personal Essay Will Get You Into Columbia - Gawker

In an effort to get to know each other a little better before the fall rolls around, several members of Columbia University’s future class of 2017 uploaded their college application essays into a shared Google doc. That Google doc, which contains 70 essays that either answer the Columbia essay prompt or the Common app prompt, was then shared with us. And now with you.


Summer Movie Preview: 34 Movies To Watch Out For - io9

Will this be the summer that all your favorite icons reach their true potential for greatness on the big screen? Or will all your favorite characters be stuck in generic tentpole films about angst and terrorism? We'll find out soon! Here's the complete guide to this summer's science fiction, fantasy and comic book films.


This Is What Happens When You Put Ecstasy in Your Vagina - Jezebel

Eight intrepid women once gathered together for a slumber party during which they gabbed about their moon signs, ate chocolate, and shoved a ton of hallucinogenic drugs up their vaginas. They summarized their experiences in a report called "Cunt Odyssey: Search for Vaginal Datapoints." Read on if you've ever wondered what would happen if you dosed your ladyflower.

10 Terrible Tech Frustrations My Toddler Will Never Have - Gizmodo

As old tech gives way to the faster, newer, and shinier, we can't help but feel a few pangs of nostalgia for our gadgets of yore—even if just for the trouble they caused.


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