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Trending in Gawker Media // 4.26.13

From the Boston bombing suspects' final day on the run to conspicuous consumption in the startup world, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

The Boston Bombing Suspects' Final Day On The Run: A Reconstruction - Deadspin

One week ago, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev killed a police officer, engaged in a massive shootout that wounded another and left Tamerlan dead, and set off a manhunt that put Boston on lockdown. Many of the initial reports were a confused jumble, and we're only now able to recreate the Tsarnaevs' movements and actions on that final day with any precision.


Here's How You Can Live When Your Startup Is "Worth" a Billion - Valleywag

Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shelhammer did something rare: they built Fab, a shopping website that's standing out from the other trillion shopping websites. Sales are up, and judging by the pictures they post of their fabulous lives, egos are up too. This is conspicuous consumption at its bubble best.


Facial Scruff = Hot. It's Science. - Jezebel

Stubble is hot. You know this. And now science confirms it. To be clear: We're not talking about a soul patch or an elborate Riff-Raff style swirling goatee. Just plain old stubbly, scruffy, ungroomed facial hair.

How the Marketplace Fairness Act—aka "Internet Tax"—Will Affect You - Lifehacker

The Marketplace Fairness Act, sometimes referred to as the "internet tax," is currently in the Senate and is showing signs it'll likely pass. This means you'll get taxed for all your online purchases, no matter what state you're in. Here's what it's all about, how it works, and what you can expect if it passes.

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