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From porn downloaded in the Vatican to the art of screwing up a NCAA call, these are the top stories from across Gawker Media.

You Can't Tell the Attorney General She Has an Epic Butt, But Here's What You CAN Do - Jezebel

Last week, in case you missed it, President Obama hopped on the mic and told the nation that I'mma let you finish, but California Attorney General Kamala Harris is like the banginest Attorney General of all time. He later apologized after the thinking humans of the nation were like ":-|" and everything really could have ended there. Unfortunately, it appears that certain men are mega-befuddled about "the rules" of "when" they're "allowed" to compliment women.


Here Are the Top Pornos Downloaded in the Vatican - Gawker

Once you've seen the Sistine Chapel six or seven times, life in Vatican City can get a bit... boring (we imagine). So what else is there to do? According an analysis by TorrentFreak and Scaneye: download pirated porn.

How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever - Gizmodo

The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer is one of the most innovative musical instrument products created in years. Strap one onto any acoustic guitar and you can transform the way it sounds by breaking—or at least manipulating—the laws of physics. Here's the story of how inventor Paul Vo made a device that sounds like magic.


The Art Of Screwing Up: How NCAA Refs Live With Their Mistakes - Deadspin

Angry fans often wonder how referees manage to blow important calls. Turns out, there's an art to getting it wrong.

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