Dear Internet: You Are Not Doing The Harlem Shake - Deadspin

For the past few weeks that viral dance video has been the "Harlem Shake," in which a single person does a dance move that is not the actual "Harlem Shake" (to a dubstep song that is called "Harlem Shake,") until the beat drops, at which point the single person is joined by a whole gaggle of people not doing the actual "Harlem Shake."


The Screwing Of IndyCar's Newest Female Driver - Jalopnik

Katherine Legge has struggled to find a competitive race car her entire career. She got one last year. Now, her sponsor and team have both fired her.


Are Spanx Good or Evil? - Gawker

This morning, two intrepid Gawker journalists traveled all the way to Midtown Manhattan to peruse the new fall Fashion Week showcase of Spanx, the body-squeezing clothing-and-undergarment line for women—and men. Having done our research, we now ask: Are Spanx good, or evil?



I’m Elyn Saks and this is what it’s like to live with schizophrenia - io9

Elyn Saks first started noticing that something was wrong when she was 16. One day, and without reason, she suddenly left her classroom and started walking home. Saks struggled over the course of the next decade, but she came through thanks to medication, therapy, and the support of friends and family.