Beyoncé Has Never Been Less Convincing About the Veracity of Her Pregnancy Than She Was in Her Own Movie - Gawker

Following the Saturday premiere of Beyonce's HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, it's never been more clear what a sham her pregnancy could have been. The problem with the documentary's treatment of her pregnancy isn't that it protests the rumors of Beyonce using a surrogate too much ‚Äď it protests too weirdly.


New York Fashion Week’s Models Are Getting Whiter - Jezebel 

The Fall-Winter 2013 shows have just finished up in New York. This season saw 151 shows and live presentations during fashion week's eight days ‚ÄĒ making it the biggest and busiest NYFW we've ever covered. But it wasn't very racially diverse.


The Case Of The Disappearing Kickstarter - Kotaku

In August of 2010, Brooklyn-based game designer Max Drzewinski raised over $10,000 for a game called Perdition. With this money, Drzewinski and his team promised they'd create a prototype of the game and promised that backers would receive concept art, t-shirts, and other Perdition-themed goodies in exchange for their donations. Two and a half years later, Perdition has disappeared.



How I Went From 1,000 Emails to Inbox Zero (and Stayed There) with Mailstrom - Lifehacker

Inbox zero: it's the impossible dream that gets further and further away as you let your emails pile up, but you don't have to get stuck with the clutter. Thanks to an awesome webapp called Mailstrom, one Lifehacker writer finally got his thousand-email inbox under control in an hour. Here's how.